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Development in Edberg

Beginning December 1, 2017, new requirements are in effect for residential builders in Alberta. All residential builders are required to have a builder license in order to construct new homes. For more information please click here.


Building Permits

Building permits are administered by the Planning and Development Department in Camrose.

Mirror Lake Center, 5415 - 49 Avenue, Camrose.

Telephone 780-672-4428

More information is available online at Building Inspections and Safety Codes


Land Use Bylaw

Land Use Bylaw #393-1997 regulates the type and nature of development within the Village. This bylaw prescribes general requirements as well as specific restrictions based on the zoning of each property.


Development Permits

All development within the Village requires a permit. Application forms are available online by clicking here. Please discuss your project with the Administrator early in the planning stages to ensure that you are aware of conditions which may apply. A copy of the Village of Edberg Planning Study is available here.

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